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Enterprise in Conwy

There are a variety of commercial activities undertaken across the county of Conwy, but we are particularly proud to be called home by a number of industry clusters, including:

Geo Sciences in Conwy

In the Oil/Gas and Geology enterprise sector, many companies have chosen Conwy. They operate on a global basis providing a variety of goods and analytical services to this vital industry.

Design, Print & Media in Conwy

Welsh regional TV, radio and newspaper companies all have offices in Conwy. The county provides a base for a thriving community of visual, graphic and web designers, who are using new technology to build on a creative heritage.

Specialist Engineering in Conwy

Conwy hosts companies producing specialist industrial-diamond grinding wheels, precision tools, and specialised industrial equipment systems that are marketed worldwide.

Human Resource Development in Conwy

Life-long learning is a core theme in the commercial life of the county. Conwy is home to many specialist enterprise training centres as well as public and private sector vocational training providers.

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